Been a while

Its been a very difficult couple of years, but I didn’t realise just how long it had been since I was able to spend some time seriously taking and making photographs.  I have just enrolled on a photography course to encourage me to get back into the swing of things. Who knows, next year I might even be able to complete a 52.


Close Up – 15/52

Starting to fall behind a bit with the 52… I really dont know where the time goes, but its not helped with my daughter borrowing my stuff so she can do her exam prep (I hope its all worth it though)


This week I have had to fall back on one taken last week at Carlisle.  Its a close-up of the gates to the cathedral.


Old 14/52

I missed a week last week. Busy and a migraine didnt help… so I have to play catch up sometime soon. (anyway, enough of the excuses 😉 )


Hubby and I took a trip to the top of England.  We went on a very scenic train journey, but unfortunately all the photos from the journey are blurry 😦  However, we ended up in Carlisle which is on the England/Scotland border.  Carlisle has a lot of lovely old buildings, but the castle there looks amazing from the outside.

from Wikipedia “Carlisle Castle is situated in Carlisle, in the English county of Cumbria, near the ruins of Hadrian’s Wall. The castle is over 900 years old and has been the scene of many historical episodes in British history. Given the proximity of Carlisle to the border between England and Scotland, it has been the centre of many wars and invasions.”


Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle





Architecture 13/52

One from last weeks trip out to Calke Abbey.  This is the main house… looks lovely from the outside… but inside its a different tale!



Tools of the Trade 12/52

Hubby and I took a trip to a stately home on Saturday.

Calke Abbey is a one of a kind stately home. Handed to the National Trust, it has not been restored. It is still in the same condition as when the National Trust took it on as one of their projects. It is interesting to see how many of the homes of the very rich in the early 20th century did not survive. Many rooms have peeling paintwork, and furniture and other general household things left in disarray.

This is one of the outbuildings, a gardeners tool store.


This is one place I think we’ll be going back to for further visits. (its a short car trip from our home)

Bridge 11/52

I was going to save this theme for a big impressive bridge, but walking along another partially abandoned canal this little bridge caught my eye.


The Grantham Canal has an active team of volunteers who have restored parts of the canal to a navigable state again… there are a few working locks, and a boat to take visitors up and down a short stretch of the canal.

Under/Underneath 10/52

Hubby and I went out for a walk along an abandoned canal in the birthplace of the industrial revolution.  Cromford canal was opened in 1794 and was used to transport all sorts of goods, including goods to and from the “new” industrial mills.

The canal crosses over a railway line, and cris-crosses over the river Derwent.

This is Gregory Tunnel which allows the canal to go under a large hill.

Gregory Tunnel

Gregory Tunnel

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